Season of You - Proposal Poem

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This is the poem that I wrote to propose to my fiancée, Brandy Benefield, on Sunday, August 25th, 2013:

Season of You

Life brings seasons
And seasons change
Some bring sunshine
Some bring rain
Some bring laughter
Some bring pain

And seasons end with but a night
But on the morrow comes a light

It shines a dawn, a light anew
And with its rays comes breaking through

A glow, a beam, a wondrous light
It lengthens, lightens, pierces bright
To chase away the cold of night
So life continues yet aright

Forward moving, looking on
Ever vibrant, ever strong
And whether short or whether long
Every season brings a song

And though each season has an end
It only means the next begins
With joy, and hope, and life and love
Always only just enough

Since I have traveled through the night
God has brought to me a light

You with warmth and bright sunshine
Have warmed a heart as lost as mine

I’ve learned to laugh and love again
And as this season now begins
You’ve become much more than friend

I want you now to share my life
I ask you now to be my wife
With your love to carry me
I ask you now to marry me


Brandy, all smiles on our engagement day!Brandy, all smiles on our engagement day!

(I love you Brandy.) :-*