Chipotle coupon offer backfires with poor execution

<h3>Time exchanged for coupon?</h3>

I visited the page for the limited-time Chipotle buy-one-get-one-free coupon, watched the “America’s Next Great Restaurant” promo video and tried to print the coupon, but it said my session had expired and that I needed to watch the video to access the coupon. Massive #fail.

Here is the message I sent the “America’s Next Great Restaurant” app developer via Facebook:

Subject: I watched the video 3 times but couldn’t print!!!

When I clicked the print button, it said “Session expired. Please watch the video to unlock the coupon.” What waste of time. You guys blew it. All I wanted was my free burrito and you guys wasted over 20 minutes of my time.

I wasn’t logged into Facebook at the start. I thought maybe it failed because I wasn’t logged in. So I did that, watched again, but no luck. I tried just printing the page from the browser, but Internet Explorer started filling up the print preview with “infinite pages”. Is this some kind of cheat to keep people from just printing their own coupon in a legitimate way?

Again, you blew it. And now I’ve spent over 5 minutes letting you know. I hope you appreciate the info, because most people just go away.

Jeff Miller

Bottom line

Don’t blow a big marketing campaign with poor execution. It will backfire, big time.