What Makes the Ideal Company?

Back in 2000, I created a document with various lines of thinking about my career development, including what I would look for in a future employer. I ran across it recently, and I recognized a particular section called "The Ideal Company" that I thought might be worth sharing.

Here were my thoughts then.

The Ideal Company

    The Ideal Company…
  • Is organized
  • Is vision-driven
  • Acknowledges the value of talented, committed professionals
  • Is willing to invest in its human resources
  • Employs talented professionals that cause me to grow
  • Treats employees as human beings and not machines
  • Believes in a methodology, standards, and ongoing process improvement
  • Is willing to try new things
  • Is strong and mature
  • Is principle-centered and “fits” closely with my own personal values
  • Has an identity that does not fluctuate with every pass of the wind
  • Has a name that is recognizable and reputable


How about your definition of an ideal company? What makes you excited? What are your expectations?

Have your expectations changed over time? Why?


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