3+1 Things To Do on LinkedIn Before Leaving a Job or Client

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When leaving a job or client, things are usually chaotic, and the last thing on your mind is your LinkedIn profile.

However, this can be instrumental in preserving and growing your personal network in the future after you've departed. Here are some of my personal tips for leveraging LinkedIn as you transition to new things.

Tip 1: Connect via LinkedIn before leaving

It’s always good to connect on LinkedIn with folks that you’d like to keep in your network. If you have your public profile link (mine is, you can send it in your departure email message.

Tip 2: Ask for and write recommendations

Consider asking for recommendations from respected colleagues as you leave, and also consider writing recommendations for them.

Tip 3: Update your profile

Update your profile while your experience is still fresh in your mind. You may have accomplished a lot in your time working at a place, and you should capture what you can while you still remember it.

Bonus Pro Tip!: Register and confirm your work email address before you leave

If you have a LinkedIn account, always make sure to register your work email address (employer and/or client) with LinkedIn as a secondary email address. This will help LinkedIn match others that you may have forgotten to connect with to find you later if they have your work address in their contact list.

Just make sure you confirm the validity of your email address using that account before you lose access to it, and LinkedIn will use it to find business relationships you may have forgotten about down the road.

How about you?

Do you have any tips for smart ways to grow your network as you depart from a job or work assignment?

Please share them in the comments!

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