My first multi-site Drupal upgrade

Well, you're looking at the latest version of Drupal 5 (5.7 as of this posting). I just completed my first multi-site upgrade of the Drupal codebase. I upgraded three sites simultaneously.

Overall, it went pretty well. I did run across one issue, though. When I reactivated the PEAR Wiki filter module, my wikitext processing was not working. After a lot of digging and trial-and-error debugging, I tried re-saving the settings (without any changes) on the filter's configuration page. As is often the case with Drupal, I had to hunt for the proper page first. The path ended up being something like...

/admin/settings/filters/[filter id # goes here]/configure

Today, for some reason, the tabs that are normally visible on the filter configuration page were "invisible." They were still clickable, but you couldn't see them. If you happened to mouse over them, the links were still there. Weird!

In retrospect, I should have done better backups, specifically my .htaccess and php.ini files from the root of the Drupal installation.

Here's a tip: I used Internet Explorer to save my Modules configuration page for each site as a web archive file. This way, when I reactivated the site, I could see which modules needed re-enabled.

I'm very happy with the overall capabilities, structure, and organization of Drupal. I'd go as far as to say the I'm a big fan, and I have recommended Drupal to others for several projects. I haven't tried Drupal 6 yet (I'm a little nervous about upgrading all of my modules), but I expect good things in the future.

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