Experts Exchange yanked free content--I yanked my good will

Experts Exchange used to be a great source of free information. Invariably, I would search on Google for an answer to a question, and results from Experts' site would be returned. Well, at some point, they started hiding the answers to the questions behind a premium membership. So, unless you want to pay to see the answer (I didn't even bother checking out how much), the best you can hope for is a 7-day trial membership.

UPDATE: I looked at their prices, and they want $100 per year! No thanks. I'll Google a little bit longer and keep my money.

Bottom line: I used to be excited about Experts Exchange hits it my Google search. Now they're just noise that I wish I could filter out.

I know that not everything can be free in this world, but when you start out with free content and then yank it away, it can leave some ill will.

Sometimes businesses have to be smart about what customers they choose to serve. Best Buy was reported to have tried dumping the bottom 20% of its customers by eliminating certain cheap (read: "low margin") items and discount policies. Their reasoning was sound because they had a lot of lousy, abusive customers that cheated their way into rebates and bogus returns.

I understand the need to be selective, but if you throw up barriers immediately (like Experts has), you will definitely lose some potential consumers. Those consumers might never have paid anyway, but if you're going to yank away access to free content (user-contributed, no less!), be prepared for negative feedback.

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