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Birthday party

Happy Birthday Grandma!



Heroes aren't born--they volunteer!


Posting from IMified

I'm posting this entry through my MSN Messenger account via the IMified service (see They offer a lot of widgets that allow you to access functionality from many of your online services by using your IM client. Very cool, but isn't this old school terminal window interfaces all over again?

10th anniversary fun

Fun with mini golf on our 10th anniversary



Justus, the band


Google@Work seminar

Yet another seminar photo


Picture on the run

Need an ID for the heat??!!


WalMart sign after the dog food scare

I'm always critical of "custom" signs in the workplace--you know, the ones produced by the staff in a business to address the seemingly pressing needs at the time. They include things like:

  • Out of Order
  • Cash only please, and
  • Out for lunch, back at 1PM

They seem to always be signed by the mysterious "MGMT" character (whom I've never met personally).

Well, this sign actually contained one very important piece of information--a URL! The web page cited is from the FDA's official website and contains information about the FDA's dog food recall. Note the presence of hand-scrawled messages at the bottom of the sign. This is all-too-typical of "custom" signs. The world will never learn!





Adding SyncToy to the Autoplay list

SyncToy is a "power toy" from Microsoft. Although it is officially an unsupported product, I've found that the quality of the tool is sufficient to depend on it for some critical file synchronization operations.

I've been using SyncToy to backup and synchronize files on the SD card I use in my Palm Zire 72. The synchronizations that I have set up include documents (Microsoft Office—Word and Excel) as well as pictures and videos taken with the PDA's camera.

Sometimes it's a pain to launch the SyncToy application when I insert the memory card into my Dell PC's internal card reader. I saved some time by "pinning" SyncToy to the Start menu. That works very well, and I recommend you do likewise.

However, the thought occurred to me—why can't I make SyncToy be a choice in the Windows dialog that automatically launches when I insert the memory card? Well, it turns out that you can.

I did some initial digging in the registry to isolate the branch containing the text of the choices that display, and I found this key:


It turns out that this branch has all kinds of goodies in it, all related to how the Autoplay feature works.

After more experimentation and Googling, I came across a few important related articles:

Ultimately, I created a registry script based on the first of the three links above that looks like this:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 





"Action"="Synchronize with SyncToy"
"DefaultIcon"="\"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SyncToy\SyncToy.exe\",0"

@="\"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SyncToy\SyncToy.exe\",0" 



@="\"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SyncToy\SyncToy.exe\""

It works great! Now, when I insert my memory card, SyncToy displays as an option in the list!

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