Covered topics: life in general, personal productivity, life hacks, organization, software development, technology, etc.


I use Microsoft development technologies in my day job, including the following:

Other Microsoft tools that I use:

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done (often called GTD) is a time/life management approach described in a book by David Allen entitled "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity."

GTD topics

Thoughts and Tips for the 5 Phases of Workflow

Beware of adding columns to stored procedure results

Since INSERT INTO...EXEC requires the use of a CREATE TABLE statement with an explicit column list, adding a column to the stored procedure called by the EXEC portion will break the calling procedure. Who knew?

Super Home


It's neat to explore what you can do at home for entertainment and family organization purposes.


Ideas that might fit here:

World Wiki


This area of the site will allow me to share information that may be useful to others. While it is primarily a personal repository, the information contained may appeal to a wider audience.

I'm a geek, so a lot of this will deal with technology. Here are a few topics:

Here are some new topics I'm working on:

Time/Life Management Books

I have read (or at least purchased) a few books in my lifetime about managing time and being organized. Here's a partial list:

How I Cope: Staying on Top of Life

This "book" (in Drupal terms) includes content described by a number of phrases, all of which apply, at least in part:

I'm cataloging this content here as an experiment. Partly with Drupal and partly with a non-wiki publishing format.

Donatos caters a 'party' of one!

Yes, I'd like to cater myself a party!


Fa<t>s pitch softball??!!

Do only fat people play?

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