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Earthlink to offer blogging tools. ISP taps Trellix for weblog software [InfoWorld: Top News]

Unfortunately, I may be WAY behind the trend on blogging.  I learned about blogging sometime in 2001 (? - don't remember exactly).  I first discovered the phenonmenon on Search Engine Watch (

What happens when a revolutionary idea becomes run-of-the-mill?  For some reason, I'm disappointed when something like blogging fades into a backdrop of non-events.  I wonder how soon it will join the ranks of "Yeah? So?"

It's always fun to initiate the newbies into the wonderful world of "blogging."  Let's be honest, I'm not a blogging veteran.  However, I have been working with computers and information technology for over a decade and I can see where these things are going.

Beyond that, I see value in blogging for capturing my own personal knowledge.  I can't count the number of wonderful thoughts I arrive at while in a reflective mood.  Even if the thoughts are not profound by external measures, they represent a degree of clarity on a topic that I might not have reached before.  Unfortunately, many times those thoughts are lost and I am not able to reproduce the richness again.  Ah, if only I had a way to write them down quickly before they fade!  -- Gee, how about using a blog for that?

I finally explored the various features of Radio.  Boy, am I impressed!  I think this is going to fill several organizational needs for me.  Aggregating news headlines and giving me a way to self-publish are the two main reasons, but the amount of polish on the application is staggering.  The configuration screens are like a dream.  I'm already thinking of a few ways I can use some of the advanced features.  Yummy!

Hey Leanne, I did it!

This is my third entry on my weblog.  There's just something about seeing your thoughts in print that gives them life.  You should try this!  It's really been valuable to me.

The neat thing is that the page that displays my blog has my name on the copyright at the bottom.  Call me wierd, but that seems like a milestone for the repressed author in me.

I believe I WILL register this software and begin reaping the benefits of being a blogger.


Hey world!

Here I am once again at the "blog console."  I feel that my blog is where I am ultimately honest with myself.  I purge and cleanse my distracted mind with the hard cold words I commit to the keyboard.

I have several burning initiatives that are becoming increasingly important to me.  I find myself repeating the same line over and over to several people--"I'm making progress, but there's so much to do!"

As true as this may be, at the end of the day I ask myself the question, "Doesn't that just boil down to an excuse?"  I have been working on XAG (more details to come later, in some form for nearly two years now.  And it has yet to reach the web.  I have a partial logo, partial content, a partial application idea and several other partial tasks done.

Go for completion!  Press toward the mark!  Be consistent!  Shed distraction!  Meet your destiny head on!

Well, my blogging here is done (for now).  I must address my other important tasks.


Here goes...

I have been learning about blogging for over a year now, and it seems that this it is something I can't pull myself away from.

I believe I am beginning on a life-changing journey from which there is no return, but also no regret for what lies behind in the quicksand swamp of an expressionless landscape.  Or something like that...


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