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Microsoft drives .Net into car dashboards. Company working on version of Windows CE for automobiles [InfoWorld: Top News]

Mary Jo Foley: "Goodbye, Web browser front end; hello, hefty smart client." [Scripting News]

Samsung licenses Symbian OS. The licensing agreement gives Symbian more momentum in its battle against Microsoft and PalmSource to power the next generations of wireless phones, the company says. [CNET]

Judge: Disabilities Act doesn't cover Web. A federal judge says Southwest Airlines doesn't have to make its site more accessible to the blind. The Americans with Disabilities Act, she says, doesn't apply to virtual space. [CNET]


Apple, IDG Seek Macworld Accord. Apple will exhibit at Macworld in January, but its attendance at future shows remains in doubt. The company came close to being barred from Macworld entirely -- and still may be. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

The plot thickens...

I'm trying to reach "nerdvana", the point beyond ultimate knowlegde (nirvana).  Nerdvana is the point where you successfully organize all of the knowledge you possess on your favorite electronic devices.  In learning about knowledge management, I'm hoping to cope with the tide of information that I just can't walk away from.  If I could just make myself not care, it would be irrelevant.

Well, even though "nerdvana" was an original thought on my part, I was not the first.  I checked out the domain name ( and it's already taken.  As usual.  (But I already have enough domain names to manage.  It was just the thought of owning one so silly!)

Anyway, I'm exploring the notion of Personal Knowledge Management.  Another original thought that I can't take credit for.  I don't subscribe to any official definition of Personal Knowledge Management, although I'm becoming keenly aware of such a science.  My approach is to research others' formalized opinions and derive some best practices so I can cope.  If you have any tips, please leave a comment.

I currently hold blogging as being a crucial part of my own Personal Knowledge Management approach.


Privacy Czar: Past Haunts Present. A former Clinton administration official in charge of privacy issues warns: If we don't learn from past mistakes, today's anti-terrorism witch hunts could go down as a stain on U.S. history. By Steve Kettmann. [Wired News]

It's a Brave New World.  I've always feared the gradual loss of personal freedoms.  It always seems to happen when there is a "legitimate" reason.  Who knows how these things happen?  Are there really people out there conspiring to take those freedoms?  And why?  Do they feel that world would be a better place, with the loss of freedoms as part of their ideal?  Or is it just part of a quest for power?

[BTW: I don't blame Bush's administration for these changes.  I realize that there are plenty of people who would benefit by criticizing the current leadership: everyone who is not in leadership.  That's politics.]

More soberingly, do these things just happen because the generations that come after lose sight of what the generations who came before saw crystal clear?  In our attempt to make things better and fix things, do we forget our heritage?  Is it even possible to understand something we didn't live through?  The Revolutionary War and the Civil War are only stories now.  Revisionist history is free to do with the truth what it will.

Oh well, time will tell.  I've never felt that I possessed any power to change the trend.  If I find one, I'll come back and write about it.

What's Really New in Wireless?. The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association tradeshow offered some surprises, like a Bluetooth-enabled headset for cell phones. Also: Christina Aguilera faceplates and Worldwide GPRS roaming with Deutsche Telekom. Elisa Batista reports from Las Vegas. [Wired News]

Mira is delayed.  Drat!  And, yet, by the time the technology is affordable for me, it will likely have faded into the backdrop of non-events (Ah, the sad story of economically-challenged technophile.  :-)  Not really economically-challenged, but my technology budget is indeed finite.)

Bluetooth is also incredibly exciting: the wireless cell phone headset, the wireless modem capability for a PDA or laptop--killer dude!

Apple Pulls Out of Macworld. Macworld is returning to Boston, but Apple isn't. The giant technology show will return home, but Apple is staying away. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

Hmmm...I'm not a Mac bigot, a Microsoft bigot, or a Linux bigot, so don't make any assumptions about my reason for posting this, other than its noteworthiness.

Marc Barrot implements browser-based OPML transclusion
Hmmm... A new advanced technique using RSS, et al?  Might be worth doing some more research...

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