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SSL. I'm working on what's hopefully the last problem for PocketSOAP 1.4, which is related to SSL on PocketPC. The timeout support recently added uses select, so I was dismayed to read this post about problems with SSL and select. sigh. [Simon Fell] The ten reasons ease of use doesn't happen on engineering projects. In reviewing all the email I've received at this website, and the experiences I've had teaching and consulting, I've tried to catalog the different reasons why projects didn't result in easy to use designs. [Tomalak's Realm]

WS-*. Sam has notes from Don's earlier webcast on WS-Routing, WS-Coordination & WS-Tx. I just wish the quality of the actual webcast was better, it peaked at around 100-110 participants, but the audio quality was poor & choppy all the way through. StreetFusion used to handle webcasts with way more participants [at least an order of manitude more], without any audio glitches. [Simon Fell]

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