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Big Brother Or Not?

NSA Director, Congress and Monitoring [Slashdot]

We always new they were watching.  I believe we should preserve liberty even in the face of danger.  It is the essence of America.

NY Times: Tablets Mightier Than the Keyboard? It's the latest expression of a long-running Microsoft fantasy: a future world in which you'll write directly on the screen of your PC with a plastic-tipped pen. You'll take handwritten notes, mark up documents right on the screen and capture doodles on the digital equivalent of cocktail napkins. [Tomalak's Realm]

You Dirty Rats

Cable TV A La Carte? [Slashdot]

Shocking!  You mean the government has finally done the right thing with the cable monopolies?  Still, no one is talking about it.  I think I will check this out!

Operating Systems Are Irrelevant [Slashdot]
Speaking of 3D objects, I would like to see a modeling tool integrated with software construction.  Could the next version of Visio be Visio VR?  Just imagine a VR walk-through of your applications.  What would that look like?  Probably pretty boring, but hey, it beats 2D.

Scary Backup Stories. The dangers of not testing your backup procedures and some common pitfalls to avoid. [Linux Journal]

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