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SpamAssassin is an open-source spam-filtering application aimed at UNIX systems.

Hunch: If you embed a HTML control (like a hidden field) in a Template column in a DataGrid or DataList control, you must add the runat="server" attribute to the control or else the FindControl method on the Item object for that row will return nothing.

Bogus!  OK, ASP.NET throws an exception if you try to reference the Page.IsValid property before either calling Page.Validate() or posting back based on a control that has a "CausesValidation" property of true.  The problem is that you can set AutoPostBack to True on drop-down lists, but it DOESN'T HAVE A CAUSESVALIDATION PROPERTY!  Why not??  So, if you are letting your drop-down listboxes cause a postback, be sure to call Page.Validate() before checking the IsValid property.

Open Source Content Management Systems

Here are a couple that looked worth doing more research on:


Blog Memory

As I suspected, others are talking about the concept of a blog as an archive for knowledge, even "memory."  Even, as I had pondered, the idea that someday, our descendants will read the contents of these works that we are writing today.


Against my better judgment, I am subscribing to what appears to be another news bloater.  Haven't I learned this lesson already?

XAG Google counts

I went exploring for some of the Greek words that comprise the principles of XAG.  Here are the counts:

Exagorazo - 322
Exaggello - 36
Exago - 205
Homotechnos - 22

This means that there is little likelihood that anyone else has written about these words in such a way.  I must write!  I must put into print what God has given me.

Moving Your Kids to Linux? [Slashdot] This guy has some legitimate concerns about Linux, but still makes a great case for why to use it.

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