Combine Your YouTube Subscriptions into One Feed with Google Reader

Quick tip: Here's how I successfully created a combined feed from my YouTube subscriptions.

YouTube does not seem to offer a direct export of your subscription feeds as an OPML file that you could import somewhere else, but it does provide RSS feeds for tags and users. See YouTube's RSS feed information.

Here's how you can create a single feed out of multiple tag and user feeds:

  1. Add the tag/user feeds to Google Reader. Example:

    Note: In the above example, substitute your desired tag for "yourtag".

  2. Assign the feeds to a new folder, like "YouTube Channel".
  3. In your Google Reader account settings, under Folders and Tags, make the folder public.
  4. Click the View Public Page link.
  5. The public page will contain a link to the Atom feed that you can add to any aggregator.


See my example YouTube Channel page to get a feel for what it looks like.


If you like this tip or have ways to improve on it, leave a comment to let me know.

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Google reader only shows past

Google reader only shows past 30 minutes, youtube shows only 2 hours back, Firefox feed 2 hours back hmm maybe its a bug, I was able to view 12 hours ago video a few days ago. :( im stuck in pacific time zone :(

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