Blogging with Microsoft Office Word 2007!

It seems a little strange, but I'm actually blogging using Word as a client for WordPress. This is actually kind of cool! I was considering investing in a rich-client Windows blog editor. I've had WordPress on the backburner for a while, but I may be marching forward now that Word supports blogging. In fact, this opens up some new possibilities for using Word as a client for more than just blogging. Here's a thought: how about Word as a Journal client?

Imagine journaling in your "favorite" (maybe) word processor and posting to a blog that serves as a personal, private journal. Nobody says that every blog has to be public—you can have private entries too. Just be careful to make sure they stay that way because Google has very prying eyes, finding things you might not suspect. I know, because I have found some things that probably weren't intended for general public consumption. You've been warned.

Nonetheless, it tickles the brain with new possibilities. I wonder how hard it is to write addins for Word 2007 in .NET.

By the way, upgrading to Office 2007 with Outlook 2007 has broken the synchronization with my Palm Zire 72. My version of HotSync with the Outlook conduits does not support Outlook 2007. No support information was available on Palm's website. Interestingly enough, Palm claims that the latest version (for the Zire 72 anyway) of their Palm Desktop software is not compatible with Windows XP Media Center Edition. Now, maybe I'm not running the exact same version (I have version 4.1.4 rather than 4.1.4E), but I'm skeptical about the claim about incompatibility since I am indeed running the software on Windows XP Media Center.

I do have a solution to my synchronization problem, however. It is Chapura's PocketMirror software, which claims to be compatible with Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista. I'll probably be dropping the $29.99 for the software soon.


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