New Year's resolutions - Blog! and Finish What You Start!

My blog has been terribly quiet for a couple of years, with posts popping up only every couple of months, if that.  I would apologize, but nobody really cares.  If I was saying anything important here, somebody would notice and investigate.

Nobody is investigating.

BLOGGER license plate

I still have the BLOGGER license plate.  I'm almost embarassed to drive around with it.  I feel like such a hypocrite.  On the other hand, it says "Hey! I was here first! I grabbed it before anyone else, before blogging was so popular!  I saw blogging coming before the larger masses!"

In some ways it's a lot like reserving a domain name--except you can't sell the really good ones for a higher price. :-( Believe me, I would have already done it if it were legal.  You can "squat" on a good license plate label, but there's no incentive, and you can only squat on one license plate per car.  With domain names, you can reserve as many as you like, so long as they're available.

By the way, I have switched to the WalMart of domain name registration:  While I do not think their advertising is appropriate for their type of business, they do have much lower prices than my former registrar:  Dotster charges $14.95 per year for registration, and DNS Management costs $10.00 extra per year. throws in DNS Management for free.  Instead of $25 per domain name, I'm paying about $9.  Multiply that by the number of domain names I control (squatting again) and it adds up quickly.

In the past, I've squatted on some cool domain names: (NoteBase is the old name for my long-envisioned vaporware product)

All of these domain names represent ideas that never made it to fruition.  Inspirations that never made it to implementation.  Dreams that never made it to development.

So, my big focus, in this new year, is learning from those failed and fizzled efforts to improve my completion ratio.  Some things are OK to be abandoned because they really don't hold as much intrinsic value as we first think, but the really meaningful things in life take work and commitment.

Here's to a new year!


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