Squeezing RSS out of a BlogSpot blog

I couldn't resist any longer.  After reading so many cool BlogSpot blogs, I had to get the RSS version.  Unfortunately, there is usually no obvious way on the blog page to get the RSS feed.  So, of course, Google came to the rescue.

Dean at blogs4God went to so much trouble to help bloggers at BlogSpot syndicate the articles.  I wonder if he knows about this article which gives a seemingly standard way to get the RSS for a BlogSpot blog.  Cool!

It says you can use this form to get the RSS feed:

http: //[BLOGNAME].blogspot.com/rss/[BLOGNAME].xml

(Sorry about the extra space in the URL. I couldn't get Radio to publish right without it.)

I sure hope this helps Dean.  He could use a little bit less work to do.  Although, I'm assuming he's already reinvented that wheel.

As Dean points out, much to his chagrin I'm sure, the RSS syndication feature is only available to Blogger Pro subscribers.  Sorry Dean, I guess that doesn't help entirely.  Eternal vigilance is not optional!

It really stinks that some cool free services are being so commercialized (like my Yahoo mail POP access and forwarding), but there is no free lunch.


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